About the CEO

Hey y’all! Some of you might know me, but I also hope there are some faces here that don't. My name is Mallory, I was born & raised in Upstate NY, growing up a big tomboy who was always outside and I loved playing sports. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve definitely grown to love girly things, but I still am a tomboy at heart! 

I moved down to Florida on a whim directly after passing my Cosmetology Boards, I had no set plan but I was ready for a fresh start in a new state. The day after I moved down, I got a job with the company i’m still working for, (now 7 years) and I still love it so much! However, I’ve had a burning desire to start my own business for years but I change my mind so often that it’s been hard to settle on one thing, so ultimately I was drawn and decided on an online boutique!
I’ve recently realized how much clothes have an impact on how we feel and on our memories. Like when you slip into that little black dress for a night out, that comfy sweatsuit for a movie night, or jean shorts 
and a flannel for a country concert with friends.. whatever it is, clothes have an impact on us!
The name Zina’s popped into my head because I was thinking about my Nonnie one day, specifically her jean jacket and layered necklaces she always wore and I decided I wanted to name my business after her. I’ve talked to my mom many times about naming a child after my Nonnie in the future, her name was Rosina, and we would nickname her “Zina” for short. I then thought the name “Zina’s” had a simple and sassy ring to it. So I called my mom and told her, then I registered my business the next day!
As I’m sitting here writing this “about me” i’m feeling a tad overwhelmed but so grateful that I’m taking this leap. Although this has been in the works for months, it still feels like it’s happening so fast! I’m so grateful to every one of you for coming to my site and trusting me and my business! Thank you so much, and I’m so excited for what's to come!