Why Zina's?

Have you ever had someone in your life who you loved so much that there were no words to express that love? Well that was my Nonnie. Her name was Rosina and she was always smiling, an impeccable cook, and my number one supporter. Her passing still sits heavy on my heart, but since then I’ve wanted to build something that would honor her, and that’s when I thought of Zina’s!
Why a boutique?
Think about a memory, do you remember what you were wearing, or maybe what someone around you was wearing? I can remember the statement pieces in my Nonnie’s wardrobe as well as her everyday basics. Years ago, my best friend and I had this 'black skirt' that we shared and now laugh at how many times and ways that it was worn! Clothing is memorable (maybe not in the moment), but everyday we wear clothes and every day we create memories in them! Our mission is to bring you the best statement pieces and every day basics that you will always remember! We want you to enjoy your experience with Zinas from start to finish. From browsing the website, to receiving your purchases, and wearing them the first time & many more times after that! 
If you should ever have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out via email or social media! 
"Make memories while wearing memorable clothes"